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  • Starting From the Ground Up

    Surfacing is the most important component in your playground, but it’s often overlooked during the planning process….a last-minute budget item when there’s no more budget! National Playground Compliance Group begins with a discussion of safety, from the ground up.


    Why do we start there? Because more than 200,000 children are injured on playgrounds every year, and approximately 70 percent of those injuries are caused by falls to the surface.


    National Playground manufactures DuroMat Extended Life® playground safety tiles in the USA from clean, shredded, recycled tires, resin and pigments. With a standard ten-year warranty, anticipated life expectancy of DuroMat Extended Life® tiles is 20-25 years because each tile contains 30 percent more material than similar tiles, and at lower price per pound. You’ll have to replace the play equipment before you’ll have to replace the surface!


     DuroMat Extended Life® playground safety tiles also contribute to healthier children by delivering more outdoor play days. The patented “cold-cure“ process keeps tiles soft in extreme temperatures throughout the life of the surfacing. They don’t get muddy, wet or freeze like loose-fill material. Dirt, leaves and snow is easily removed from the level surface, and the modular design makes replacement in high-traffic areas quick and easy.

    Your National Playground Compliance Group program manager offers professional design and installation of your safety surface to ensure adequate drainage and long-term durability. The visually appealing surface also meets all CPSC and ADA guidelines for safety and accessibility.

  •  - Safe and Accessible

     As a member of the International Play Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (IPEMA), National Playground is active in the development and implementation of safety standards and practices that make play experiences safe experiences. Our products and processes meet American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSI) standards and guidelines for public playgrounds.


    Only DuroMat Extended Life ® playground safety tiles have been proven to reduce injuries. In a three-year study funded by the Iowa legislature, emergency room visits dropped by 75 percent when National Program for Playground Safety (NPPS) training was in place, Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) guidelines were followed and DuroMat Extended Life playground safety tiles were installed beneath the play equipment at 51 sites.


    No other safety surfacing has undergone the level of testing and certification that DuroMat Extended Life playground tiles have. In fact, DuroMat Extended Life playground safety tiles are the only rubber playground safety tile that meets the standards of and has been either tested, certified or approved by all of the following organizations: Consumer Product Safety Commission, U.S. Dept of Justice ADA, National Program for Playground Safety, Detroit Testing Labs, International Playground Equipment Manufacturing Association, American Society for Testing and Materials.

  •  - Compare DuroMat Extended Life®

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  •  - Installation & Maintenance Guidelines

    DuroMat Extended Life Tiles are engineered to allow for an easy installation and maintenance process.


    Discuss your installation plans and schedule with your National Playground program manager to learn about the proper methods of installation and to develop a maintenance checklist that can be easily implemented into your existing site maintenance schedule.



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