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All program directors are Certified Playground Safety Inspectors who have undergone thorough training and successfully passed an extensive exam by the National Playground Safety Institute (NPSI). Playground inspections are important because they help you identify potential hazards that may be lurking in your playground.


Priority 1 hazards may cause death or disability, and include:


neck and head entrapments

protrusion and entanglements

falls to inadequate safety surfacing

open S-hooks


Priority 2 hazards may cause serious injury, and include:


broken equipment


slide height exits

falls to inadequate safety surfacing


Priority 3 hazards may cause slight injury and are non-compliant with accepted standards and guidelines, and include:


cracked PVC coated chains

trip hazards

sharp edges and broken plastic parts on slides

Program managers are trained to identify these hazards and non-compliant situations, and provide written documentation for the playground owner/operator.*


* Check with your state school board associations to see if your school qualifies for a complimentary inspection by National Playground.

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